Red Sea Crossings Mentoring and Scholarship Program

On the Local Level:

Our mission is to stop the flow of African-Americans to prison

This self-help program specializes in providing you with a culturally competent mentor who will be available to you 24 hours a day.

We focus on the demographic of African-American men and women who have been unfairly targeted and rounded up by the criminal justice system. If you are not African-American and you have difficulty finding services, call us anyway, Just because we target those who experience oppressive racial bias and discrimination does not mean we cannot assist you.

On the National Level:

Our mission is to stop the flow of All-Americans to prison. We spend part of our time providing consultation and training for denominational leaders, pastors and congregations by establishing branches in other areas and by offering our specialized care. We also make strategically timed contributions to the restorative and transformative justice movement which seeks a complete overhaul or replacement of our current criminal justice system. For example, the “Time’s Up-Let Me Go!” Campaign

Provide Culturally Competent Mentors

What is cultural competence? Cultural competence is a trained awareness of the historical, religious, ethnic, social, and psychological reality of a given group of people. Cultural competence is considered a best practice in human services. A culturally competent mentor is less likely to do harm to the mentoring relationship with explicit and implicit racial or ethnic bias. A close kinship can be formed between mentor and mentee without interference from the most limiting racial baggage that we all carry.