September 2, 2015

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Our vision is to participate in creating a more sane, humane and safe world where color and class discrimination cease to contaminate justice and its resources and punishment as the answer to criminal activity is replaced by atonement, reconciliation, restorative justice and secured mental health treatment.

Our mission is to Stop the Flow of African-Americans to Prison through the one-on-one therapeutic friendships and support groups of the Red Sea Crossings Mentoring program.

Featured Events and Information

Career Networking Group

Career Networking Group

[Read More...] meets with the United Methodist Church about the Black Male Prisoner ReEntry Initiative and Educational Day

Prisoner ReEntry Initiative meets with the United Methodist Church … [Read More...] Participates in ReEntry Partners of Mecklenburg Resource Fair

Mecklenburg Resource Fair Participates in ReEntry Partners of … [Read More...]

Exodus Annual Picnic for Mentees:Mentors

Annual Picnic

Exodus Annual Picnic for Mentees/Mentors … [Read More...]