December 22, 2014

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Bermuda's own J Silva takes a deep look at life on Silver Lining. Describing the struggles of a drug addict, abused woman, and young teen, urging people to make that positive change and live it up. Video shot and edited by Mr. Knia of CMP Studios. Locations in beautiful Bermuda, Blackwatch Pass, Flatts Bridge and Mount Hill.

Featured Events and Information

Grant Vinson and Leroy Ross

Grant Vinson and Leroy Ross Renew Their Match for a 2nd Year and Spend Time Together as Mentee and Mentor

Mentors and Mentees each commit to a one year process-oriented journey that can be renewed as long as needed. Goals for the year are set in January and the mentor helps his/her mentee reach their goals. Exodus Mentors are therapeutic friends and not bosses. Mentors encourage, protect, advocate, teach and pray for their mentees. The […]

Mentors in Training

Mentors in Training with Dr. Monica Corbitt-Rivers, PsyD. Fall 2013

The fall class of Exodus Mentors in training was a playful, fun-loving, compassionate group, and it was also one of our largest classes. Twelve new mentors received 15 hours of training. Four participants were trained as prison ministry leaders for their churches; three were trained as staff; and five were matched as individual coaches to […]


Fall 2013 Mentor Commissioning Ceremony

We had a blast again! Twice each year, the community gathers to support Exodus Mentors as they take the mentor’s pledge to suffer with mentees through the adjustments of the re-entry process. Our local celebrity choir, Men Standing for Christ, gave a spirit-filled performance. They were followed by a heart-wrenching testimony from Deacon Maurice Davis […]