We are here for you as you prepare to go back into the community. If you are already out and seeking support. Here is what we offer:

Red Sea Crossings Mentoring and Scholarship Program

What is a mentor?

A mentor at Exodus Foundation.org is a guide or life coach who specializes in understanding the needs of someone who has been in jail or prison or someone who is in danger of going to jail or prison. An Exodus Mentor knows from experience or training how hard it is to be black in America and he/she will help you overcome the extra hurdles that racial minorities face every day. Your mentor’s goal is to help you reach the goals you set for yourself.

What does a mentor do?

Use his or her knowledge to help you find employment, go back to school, pick up a trade, become a stronger parent, buy a house, learn a new skill, find housing, avoid an eviction, write a letter of support to the court and much more

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What do you (the mentee) do?

Make a one year commitment to call your mentor once every week and meet him or her face to face at least once every month. Complete a mentee application.

How do you get a mentor?

Call us at 704-947-9090×103 leave a message and request to do an intake by phone or download an intake form and fax it to us at 704-271-5982. Someone will get back to you. Be sure to speak slowly and to repeat your number two times.

How do you get a Scholarship?

If you need help paying for school or training related expenses, you will be required to have a mentor. Ask for a scholarship application at 704-947-9090×102. Scholarships can be used for certification tests, books, training, tuition or any educational or certificate program that will help you reach your goal/s. Scholarships are based on need and availability of funds. They currently average between $300-$1000.00 You can apply each year of your program until you finish. Download a Scholarship Application.

Career Networking Group and Thinking for a Change

The Career Networking Group is open to everyone, even if you are not in the mentoring program. This group is to assist you in the job search and a gathering place to share information and learn from others. Businesses that are hiring and motivational coaches come every 4th Saturday except August and December. Download a flyer.

Thinking for a Change is a 8 or 16 week certificate course that will help you think better, do better, and be better. Use this certificate to show future employers that you are serious about your work and your career. It is taught by ex-gang members, gang affiliated and formerly incarcerated persons and professional coaches that really get your struggles.

Welcome Back Celebration

Periodically, we hold a Welcome Back Celebration to welcome recently released people home to the community. We prepare dinner for you and tell you about our services and other services in the community.

Restoration, Redemption and ReEntry Conference

This free annual conference is made for someone with a record and their loved ones. This is like a spa day of intensive mentoring. We cover different topics related to starting over after jail or prison, creating a new image, getting a paycheck, and ending beefs with family members and co-parents.

“I Want to Hurt Somebody” Support Line

Coming soon….a hotline for those moments when you want to get back at a snitch or baby’s momma, or baby’s daddy, or finish old business from a beef you had with someone before you went to prison. We’ll help you think through the best way to deal with the situation so you don’t hurt your future or your children’s future, and we won’t judge.